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Do you remember AFOF Christmas Parcels 1970?

A list of the contents of the parcels for servicemen is as follows:

1 x Biro

1 x Notepad

1 x Paperback novel

1 x Packet of razorblades

1 x Tin of boot polish

1 x Polishing cloth

1 x Packet of peanuts

1 x Tin Big Sister pudding

1 x Tube toothpaste

1 x Cake of soap

1 x Packet of pretzels

1 x Packet of fruit juice concentrate

1 x Greeting card

1 x Smoothex shaving cream

Information obtained from Australian War Memorial Records from 1 AFH file.

Wooden Dunny Seats - Did you know...

IMG_0540.jpg1. Wooden latrine seats are subject to warping. Units are to paint latrine pedestals and provide a weight for each cover to prevent access to flies.

2. Any colour but dark red or pink maybe used. Dark red or pink appear to attract flies.

Toilet Paper - USA v AUST

An excerpt from file R990-90-1:
1. Toilet paper from US Army sources has proven to be less substantial than that provided from Australian sources.

2. An increase of 50% to the scale of entitlements is authorised.