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Military - Membership to the 1st (Aust) Field Hospital Association (Inc). is available to ALL personnel, past and present, that have served with the unit and attached units over the years since 1968 and is NOT restricted to veterans only.

Non-Serving Personel - Other people, military or civilian with a common interest with 1st (Aust) Field Hospital Association (Inc).

This is important for two reasons: -

1. It is important that the members of our Defence Forces know that they have the support of others who have served before them, and

2. To ensure the "LEGEND OF THE VAMPIRE" lives on! Membership is open to people on the periphery of the unit. For example:- Other military personnel who have a common interest, civilian aid workers who worked in Vietnam on a humanitarian basis and the families of any personnel of the unit.

Extract from the 1st (Aust) Field Hospital Association (Inc). Constitution Adopted by the Membership September 1998.

11. Ordinary Membership

The following persons are eligible to be admitted as ordinary members of the Association. Any Military or Civilian Personnel that served in any role with:-

1. 1st Australian Field Hospital, or with any associated unit, providing healthcare or welfare to the Australian Forces in Vietnam 1968-71


2. The unit, thereafter known as 1st Field Hospital, or if a name change occurs the unit as known by new name, and associated units, in Australia or deployed by that unit to any overseas operational areas.


3. Other people, military or civilian, with a common interest with 1st Aust Field Hospital and 1st Field Hospital described in (1) (2).
Association Newsletter

The 1st (Aust) Field Hospital Association (Inc). publishes a quality newsletter "Call Sign VAMPIRE" that reflects our aims and commitment to a professional, cohesive group providing camaraderie and mutual benefits to all Members.

"Call Sign VAMPIRE"

"Call Sign VAMPIRE", the Association’s main newsletter, has proved to be extremely successful, is issued bi-annually, and is full of articles and photographs written and supplied by the Membership, BUT unfortunately the costs of production and postage will not allow us to provide it to non-financial members. We do want your Membership, and we do want you to receive our newsletters so send for an Application for Membership Form TODAY. (EMAIL request).